Welcome to Quality Physical Therapy - Where you will find quality, hands-on care.

Our combination of light touch and muscle re-education naturally correct the body while easing your pain and dysfunction. Our private environment helps you to work on achieving your goal.

Are you tired of the inconvenience of daily pain, perhaps you’ve been through multiple forms of medical care and have not found long-term relief? Or are you dealing with uncomfortable symptoms like these:

  • Headaches & migraines including symptoms from whiplash and concussion.
  • Chronic Pain including old injuries
  • Spine & Joint pain as well as instability
  • Postural alignment issues

We understand that when you’re suffering from chronic conditions, you need more than symptom relief. You need a gentle solution that helps you release long-held patterns of pain and stress at the source.

Envision a potential for:

  • Liberation from pain
  • The skills to deal with everyday stress more effectively
  • Improved movement and postural control

Quality Physical Therapy in Burlington, Washington specializes in the manual techniques of Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Lymphatic Drainage to facilitate the body’s healing process. We strive to return our clients to their highest level of function in the timeliest manner. We offer individualized attention and treatment plan for each client. Our approach is to go to the root of the problem to begin the healing process. We instruct clients in individualized exercises which require no special equipment so they can incorporate them into their lifestyle.

Quality Physical Therapy is located in Burlington, Washington with over 30 years of experience offering diversified care to Skagit Valley area.

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If you have unresolved questions and need additional assistance please contact us to schedule a complimentary one time 15 minute free consult.


"Twice I fell off my horse and went seven months with severe low back pain and numbness to my legs. After 3 visits I was able to ride my horse again, my mood has improved overnight. After the whole process I was able to do all my recreational activities without pain."


"For over 8 months I had a sharp, constant pain in my hip and leg. I spent countless hours, money towards other doctors and pain relief specialists and was considering surgery. By the 3rd visit I woke up with no leg pain, after 6 weeks my hip and leg pain were totally gone. By the end of my treatment sessions I was exercising, hiking, and skiing pain free."


"The physical therapy I received at Quality PT was so effective that I was able to avoid surgery for my neck injury. The therapy was the epitome of 'subtle yet profound'. During the sessions I was very relaxed & felt subtle changes. Afterwards, and sometimes for days after — I would feel profound movements & shifts in the areas that had been worked on & completely recovered. I came to Quality Physical Therapy in chronic pain, on pain meds, & within weeks was off the drugs & getting better. She even found a 25 year old injury in my back that had never healed properly & fixed it!"

– Betsy

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